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New Software Replaces Investment Newsletters

Knowledge is king in the investment industry, and that is true whether you're a self-directed investor or a professional. The problem is, there is too much investment information available and no one has the time to read it all.

That's the reason why so many investment newsletters have sprung up. But all of that knowledge comes with a high price tag. Some top investment newsletters can cost thousands of dollars per year. Even the least expensive ones can run into the hundreds of dollars.

Price isn't the only problem. The majority of these newsletters provide much more information that the average casual investor wants or needs. Investment newsletters are mostly geared towards professional investors.

This leaves Mom and Pop investors who own shares of a few companies, maybe a mutual fund or two, and have managed to assemble a reasonably-sized 401k or IRA account, with little alternative than to subscribe to consumer-oriented investing publications like Money Magazine(TM).

These types of magazines regularly publish great tips and ideas for investment portfolio management, but they are anything but timely. With publishing deadlines typically pushed out 90 days or more, the "news" being published is more like a look-back through an investment time machine.

Worse, a lot of the news that is published is simply a rehash of news items that appeared live on the Internet the day they happened. This means that by the time you read it, the market has already corrected itself over the event and the chance to make a profit has long passed.

The final problem is that any broad-based publication cannot be expected to publish stories and data directly related to the shares that you hold. This means that the average investor is left in the dark over issues and events affecting their particular investments unless they are willing to spend a great deal of time surfing web sites hoping to find something new.

What if you could afford to publish your own newsletter?

Suppose there was a way to create a real-time news alert system that notified you the moment that news or other critical information became available for the investments that you hold in your portfolio?

How much more informed would you be if news came to you rather than you having to go out looking for it?

Well, that's what users of a new software product called UpdatePatrol are doing. They run the software and enter the URLs of sites containing information that interests them. Then, whenever any monitored page changes, they receive a real-time notification right at their desktop.

This means that you can monitor the Investor Relations page of the companies in your portfolio as well as the Yahoo or Raging Bull message boards and SEC announcement sections, or any other relevant web site. You can cancel your useless subscriptions and still know more about what's happening in your portfolio than the average investor.

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UpdatePatrol requires a PC running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 or 2008.