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Job Seekers Discover High Tech Advantage

The age of reading the help wanted pages in the newspapers is over thanks to the Internet-based job sites. Now a job seeker can expand his or her options by being able to search for job openings not just locally and regionally, but nationally and internationally as well.

Most of the major Internet help wanted sites allow the job seeker to create a profile containing the keywords one would expect to find in job listings matching their requirements. When new job openings are posted, the job seeker gets an e-mail notification.

And while this provides an advantage over the old-fashioned methods, the popularity of these services has actually created a disadvantage for many job seekers in that it increases competition for available positions.

A secondary problem is that the process of "casting a wide net" by using keyword-based notification systems often results in an abundance of e-mail containing job openings which do not meet the job seeker's requirements because of geographic location or some other demographic.

Plus, some job seekers are only really interested in a narrow niche market which may only be served by a few employers. These employers may or may not be using the same help wanted web sites that the job seeker is using. This results in missed employment opportunities that occur when a favored employer has a suitable job opening, but the job seeker never learns of it, or learns about it too late.

High Tech To The Rescue

Tech-savvy job seekers are getting an advantage over other job seekers by targeting the help wanted pages on their favored employer's web sites. These applicants realize that many companies post their vacancies on their own web site before undertaking the expense and effort of posting on the paid job sites. In fact, some companies post their vacancies on their own web sites exclusively.

This is both a blessing and a curse to job seekers. True, there is a decided advantage to applying for a position that hasn't been advertised to millions of prospective candidates yet, but the only way to make sure that a position doesn't escape notice is to check the company's help wanted page every day.

Now that might be possible if there is only one company involved, but what about the job seeker who has a list of potential employers? It's not easy to keep up. That's why these smart job seekers use a software solution called UpdatePatrol. It monitors any number of web pages for changes and notifies the user the moment a change occurs.

This means that a job seeker can enter a list of URLs and kick back knowing that they will be among the very first to know whenever new job postings appear. It's like having your own private employment scout working for you full-time. Visit https://www.updatepatrol.com and you could end up landing your dream job before the rest of the world knows it's open.


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UpdatePatrol requires a PC running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 or 2008.