DISCONTINUED: UpdatePatrol has been discontinued and is no longer available.

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Web Professionals Get High-Tech Assistant

When you're a web master, designer, programmer or web marketer, life can be pretty hectic in the Internet fast lane. Web sites change at the blink of an eye and not all of those changes are positive ones. Worse, sometimes changes that are supposed to occur never do, and that's bad news as well.

The most successful web professionals are turning to a new software product called UpdatePatrol to help keep those changes under control.

UpdatePatrol is a software program that sits in the PC's application tray. It automatically monitors web pages and immediately notifies the user if any of those pages change. Using an included browser, the user can visit the changed pages and see all of the updates highlighted in yellow. It's a real timesaver when you're too busy to identify those changes yourself.

Because UpdatePatrol installs on your PC, you're not at the mercy of a service provider keeping their site up and running. And, because there are no ongoing membership or usage charges, UpdatePatrol is as economical as it is handy.

So, how is this high-tech solution making life easier for web professionals?

  • A web programmer creates a special page for every database-driven web site he develops. The page simply tests for a connection to the site's database and returns the phrase "Working" if the database can be reached or "Not Working" if it cannot. Whenever UpdatePatrol detects the change from "Working" to "Not Working", the programmer is immediately notified so he can quickly investigate the problem and get things back in working order. He never has to suffer the embarrassment of his client knowing that the site is down before he knows.
  • A web master operates a content management system that is supposed to automatically update all product prices on a daily basis. UpdatePatrol automatically notifies him when the changes are posted and he has one less thing to worry about every day. If the changes do not occur, he knows that before his boss does. UpdatePatrol's got his back!
  • An Internet marketer pays a copywriter to maintain several of his blogs for him. The blogs are supposed to be updated daily. UpdatePatrol monitors the blog sites and notifies him whenever a new entry gets posted. It also notifies him whenever anyone posts a comment to his blog. His response time is increased and his blog readers stay very impressed!
  • A web master uses public domain articles in her weekly newsletter. She uses UpdatePatrol to monitor her target niche categories across ten different articles sites. Whenever a new article gets posted, she's one of the first to know. Her newsletter creation time has been cut from hours to minute thanks to UpdatePatrol.

No matter what kind of web changes interest you, UpdatePatrol is the fastest and easiest way to be notified instantly. You set the schedule and UpdatePatrol does the checking.

You can make you life easier and less hectic. Just visit https://www.updatepatrol.com for more details.


We offer a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee! 100% satisfaction or your money back.


UpdatePatrol requires a PC running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 or 2008.