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Lawyers Turn To Software "Private Eye"

Not every lawyer works on criminal or divorce cases, and not all of them require the services of a Private Detective. This doesn't mean that the rest do not require timely and accurate information, it just means that the type and source of this information is different.

A lot of the information that corporate and business law practitioner require is public record information that can be gleaned from newspapers and web sites. But in an industry where time is money, smart lawyers look for a way to keep their billable time up without expending more than they have to on legal research. For those lawyers, there's nothing else quite like UpdatePatrol.

UpdatePatrol is a new software product that sits in a PC's application tray and monitors a list of web pages. Whenever anything changes on those monitored pages, the software notifies the user in real-time. This means that a law office can have the equivalent of a full-time researcher for the cost of a one-time software purchase.

All the user does is enter the URL of the pages they want monitored and UpdatePatrol takes over from there. It's like putting their legal research on autopilot.

So, how are these smart attorneys using UpdatePatrol?

  • One Trademark and Patent attorney uses the software to monitor the Notices page on the U.S. Patent and Trademark web site looking for updates to the Official Gazette Notices. He is assured of never missing a notice or issues posting, but he is freed from having to check the page on a regular basis.
  • A Corporate Attorney uses UpdatePatrol to monitor postings on his company's public stock discussion boards. He is notified whenever a new message appears so he can read it at his convenience and make sure that sensitive or protected information is not being leaked.
  • A Copyright Attorney uses UpdatePatrol to monitor Press Releases from his client's competitors to make sure that they are not announcing products that could potentially violate his client's intellectual property rights.
  • A Tax Attorney uses UpdatePatrol to monitor the IRS "News Room" web page looking for new IRS announcements. Whenever one appears that could affect his clients, he sends them an "instant e-mail blast" with a copy of the news and his analyses of the impact on the client. This creates the impression that he's always looking out for his client's interests and it helps with client retention.
  • A Securities Law Attorney uses UpdatePatrol to monitor notifications and press releases on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) web site. She uses this information to manage her current cases as well as for a lead-generating tool to help her locate new potential clients who may hold securities that are under investigation.

If you are a legal professional, or work for a law office, the jury is in and the verdict is: UpdatePatrol is the fastest and easiest way to automate your routine legal research without spending a fortune doing it. Visit https://www.updatepatrol.com for more information.


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UpdatePatrol requires a PC running Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 or 2008.