Why UpdatePatrol?

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Stay Plugged-In to the Internet... Without Looking!


Know when changes happen
Save time checking and rechecking
Don't miss a vital announcement


How much time did you spend today hopping from one website to another, reading your favorite blogs, or peeking at competitors sites looking for a business edge?


Take a quick look at the dozens of sites you have bookmarked. Which ones have been updated since the last time you visited them? You have no idea until you visit.


UpdatePatrol monitors web pages and blogs selected by you at regular intervals for changes to content. It scans the web in the background, politely notifying you of what's happening.


Browse the sites using the embedded browser in the application with the changes highlighted , saving you countless hours of reading as the changed text stands out from the text you already read. See an example.


Stay "plugged in" without spending hours following your nose around the Internet. Monitoring all these sites and blogs is quite time-consuming and can be a compulsive habit. UpdatePatrol breaks that habit.


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