Custom schedules

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A custom schedule is scheduling information that is unique for a site. UpdatePatrol supports both Custom Schedules and Shared Schedules, which are scheduling information shared between multiple sites (they will always be checked at the same time).


To specify a custom schedule for a site, select the Scheduling tab when adding or editing a site:



Select one of the options below the Custom schedule caption to enable the custom schedule.


You have 5 scheduling options:


1.Check for changes every X minutes
2.Check for changes hourly. Specify at which minute past the hour to check, e.g. 10 for 1:10 am, 2:10 am etc.
3.Check for changes daily at a specified time. Specify hours and minutes, e.g. 14:00 for 2pm
4.Check for changes weekly at a specified time on a specific day of the week.
5.Check for changes monthly at a specified time on a specific day of the month.


Click OK to save the changes.


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