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By default, UpdatePatrol only checks the specific link you enter when adding a site. If you click the Advanced tab, you can make it automatically add other links it finds in the page.



Check the Follow Links option to make UpdatePatrol automatically add links it finds in a page and optionally in other sub-pages as well.


The drop-down box gives you four options:


1.Links in the same folder. Only adds pages on the same level as the root page
2.Links in the same folder and sub-folders. Also adds pages in sub-folders. For example, if you add this option will also check and
3.All links within the same domain. Adds all pages it finds as long as the domain is the same.
4.All links, also on other domains (only first page). Adds all pages from the domain, and also the first page of external web sites.


Set Link depth to limit the number of pages added. The links on the page you add has link depth 1. The links found on these pages have link depth 2 etc.


You can limit the pages added further by specifying match patterns. You can specify patterns to follow and patterns to never follow. Wildcards are allowed, just like in filenames. For example, add "*/downloads/*" to the 'Never follow links matching these patterns' to never add links in a folder named downloads.


A word of warning:

You may end up with a lot of pages added if you are not careful. It is highly recommended that you place each site into its own group if you want to enable this feature. In this way, all pages found are added and kept in the same group, making it easier to later clean up and maintain the pages.


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