The Menu bar

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The main menu contains 6 sub-menus. Activate them by clicking on their name with the mouse, or use their hot-key to activate them from the keyboard. On Windows XP you may need to hold down the ALT key for the hot keys to be highlighted.


File menu

Select Export to backup all your monitored web sites into an XML-file that can be read by any XML-enabled application.


Select Import to import a previously exported copy of your monitored web sites, or import sites from Internet Explorer favorites, Firefox bookmark files or text files.


Setup lets you configure how UpdatePatrol works and behaves, and selecting Exit stops the program.

Sites menu

Select Add to add a new site to the currently selected group. If you have copied a URL to the clip-board, it will be used automatically.


Edit will let you edit the name, URL, scheduling information for the currently selected site.


Check will download and check the selected site(s) for updates.


Delete will delete the selected site(s) from your site list.


Change Schedule will display a sub-menu with schedules. Select one to update the site.


Follow-up enables you to set or remove the follow-up marker on the selected site(s).


View will display the latest changes in the currently selected site with changes highlighted.


View in default browser opens the live version of the selected site in your web browser.


Mark as read and Mark as unread marks the site as read or unread respectively.


Groups menu

Select Add to add a new group under the currently selected groups. Adding a group under Tracked Sites or Unread Sites will add a new top-level group.


Rename allows you to change the name of the currently selected group, while selecting Delete will delete the currently selected group and all sites in it and in any sub-groups.


View menu

Select "Internal browser" to enable or disable display of the embedded web browser.




Check menu

Use the Check menu to manually initiate site checking.


"Check selected site" will check only the selected site(s).

"Check all sites in group" will check all sites in the selected group.

"Check all sites" will check all sites.


Select Pause during site checking to temporarily suspend all site checking.

Select Stop during site checking to abort all site checking.


Help menu

Select Contents to display the help file Table of Contents where you can select various help topics to read.


"Search for help on..." lets you search the entire UpdatePatrol help for keywords or phrases.


"Frequently Asked Questions" displays a list of common questions and answers to help you solve problems quickly.


"Ordering information" displays pricing information and order URLs.


"License agreement" contains various licensing terms that you must agree to if you use UpdatePatrol.


"About..." displays version information, copyright notice and various credits.


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